Village Flowers

They say it takes a Village to raise a child, this is true.
Like the gardens, the children are to be nurtured,
for they are the flowers of the Village.

                                                        J. Childs
A Saskatchewan Art Smart Project
Created 2006

80 Children's flower drawings were grouped together into bouquets of 5 flowers by Village artist Jaynè Childs. Childs then painted the 16 bouquets onto canvasses and used them to create the templates and transferred the images onto steel. Then they were plasma cut and welded into 4' tall steel bouquets that each child painted their flower on the front and Jaynè painted the backs and trompe loi over the steel brackets and bars so they could hang the bouquets on the light poles down Main Street of the Village in the spring and summer.

In the fall and winter they line the hall of the Community Wing of the Maryfield School.
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Summer of 2019 will be selling the original canvas painting that Artist J. Childs painted of all the children's flowers grouped together as bouquets. These large canvasses 18 in total will be sold to raise the funds for new paints for the steel bouquets
they will all be sanded, primed then repainted to last another decade. 
They will then be permanently mounted around the base of the Stewart's garage.