Population:  Village averages 350 residents
Village Services
Municipal water,  Municipal Sewer,  weekly
Garbage Pickup

Streets are 99% paved and curbed with sidewalks
and are lined with a variety of huge trees, creating beautiful boulevards.

New Firehall - Volunteer Fire Dept.-
Ambulance - 911 service

New Health Clinic- Handicapped accessible
open 5 days a week

Nurse Practitioner on call - Doctor weekly
Prescriptions delivered, Health Nurse, Mental Health, Dietician, Homecare (weekly and monthly)

Hospitals are 40Km in surrounding Towns, as are other Health Professionals; Dentist, Optometrist, Chiropractor

Village Boulevard
Courier: Purolator
Post Office:  Full service - Locked Boxes
Village Post Office
Location:In the South East of the province, 7 KM from the Manitoba
  border on Highway #48. 100 KM from the US Border. Surrounded
                    by Moosomin SK to the North, Virden MB to the East, Redvers, SK.
                    to South, Wawota, SK. to the West.

                    Closest City is Brandon, Manitoba, less than 1 1/2 hour drive.
                    Regina 2 1/2 hours to the west and Winnipeg is 3 hours east
  Seniors Residences
Maryfield has two senior residences. The Haven for independant living,
the Sunrise Villa for complete enriched care. The Seniors and many Community Groups are  involved with each other, enriching everyones life.
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