This page was last updated: April 2, 2018
              by J. Childs
I strongly believe in everyone having all the information, then informed discussions and finally constructive decisions;
is best for everyone, all residents. I strongly oppose small clique mentality; we are all one diverse community.


I also believe in stating your words & signing your name to them. So please do not ever assume I speak for anyone else.
MY, OUR, YOUR J. Childs

Well Spring is trying to inch her way. The days are getting longer which is the nice part. We are still having cold weather
with snow here and there so the ground is for the most part still white, my granddaughters stated last weekend it is not nice
     and soft!! So working hard on some of my inside projects so will be ready to head outside to the gardens as soon as we can.

Internet has had some improvements. Sasktel has finally got the Village up and ready to connect to their HIGH SPEED
     DSL plan which we did and are on their fastest 10mb and it is a big improvement from what is available from Xplorenet,
     suppose to be able to get 25mb on their fastest plan but have never got better than 11mb but it is usually around 5-7mb.

     Unfortunately had to sign a 2 year contract. Not knowing how long it would be for Sasktel to come in we now have both.
     The Sasktel DSL comes into the house through the copper phone lines so it is NOT fibre optics but it is not affected by
     weather,  it is unlimited for a flat fee of $69.00 a month, with a 3 month promotion of $29.00, we got the deal.

     So now we are experimenting as to how much capacity it can handle and how many devices streaming and downloading at
     a time. The biggest improvement is the Netflix streaming in 4K has been great. Will continue to stress test and report back next month.