This page was last updated: August 17, 2018
              by J. Childs
I strongly believe in everyone having all the information, then informed discussions and finally constructive decisions;
is best for everyone, all residents. I strongly oppose small clique mentality; we are all one diverse community.


I believe in stating your words & signing your name to them. So please do not ever assume I speak for anyone else.
     MY, OUR, YOUR J. Childs

Internet has had some improvements. Sasktel has got the Village up and ready to connect to their HIGH SPEED
     Atelier is hooked up and continuing to experiment as to how much capacity it can handle and how many devices streaming
     and downloading at a time. The biggest improvement is the Netflix streaming in 4K has been great.  It is being tested this next bit as
     what capacity it has for uploads. If you have any issues with this service please report to Sasktel and let me know. Appreciate.

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