The HAVEN - is a Six Unit Seniors Complex

2 - 2 Bedroom Units
Couples get preference for these units

4 - 1 Bedroom Units

The complex was designed with comfort and ease of use for seniors, and built
with a sense of community at its core. The south end of the building is the main entrance which is attached to a large communal living room, games and music areas, with a large dining area and a full kitchen perfect for visits with family,  friends and community groups. At this end of the long hallway that each unit is attached to is a laundry room and a public washroom.
This page was last updated: May 29, 2019
The units are bright with large windows in the bedrooms and livingrooms. Each unit has it's own outside entrance. The 3 rear units are attached to the parking lot with the front 3 enjoying lawn and street view/access. The units have full kitchens and each unit is prewired for phone and cable. The bathrooms are large and are designed for safety with full handlebars for easy access and use of the shower/tub. Each bedroom has a large closet and there is an additional large storage room at the entry to each suite along with a coat closet.