1975 local seniors organized and created the Seniors Board that oversaw the construction of the original Harmony center and it's many renovations. A large addition and improvements have been completed over the years, with a brand new kitchen as the latest. Federal New Horizon Grants for Seniors have been a large part of the funding used and the many hours by volunteers contributions of time and funds.
The center is used regularly with Coffee on and visiting Monday to Saturday for 9:am mornings
and Monday to Friday at 3:pm for afternoons, and is frequented by many seniors daily.

The center is also available for private bookings at $75. for the part or full day. It has hosted many
events from annual craft fairs to wedding showers. Being able to comfortable serve up to 100 guests. 
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To make booking arrangments contact Rhonda Erickson - 306-646-2017 please leave a message Chairperson - Mary Lou Sweeting             Secretary/Treasurer - Sharon Adair

HARMONY CENTER - ph: 306-646-2044